Our champagne tradition, yours.

The vineyards of Champagne De Lozey are located on the slopes of the famous Côte des Bar, in the Aube region, in the southern part of Champagne. Its vines are planted in an upper Jurassic clay-limestone soil, the Kimméridgien, which imparts all their personality to the wines.

Founded in 1881, the Maison has been owned by the Cheurlin family for 4 generations. Edmond, Raymond, Daniel, and now Philippe share a common belief: tradition is important, but on its own, it is meaningless. Each of them, in their own way, leaves their mark while respecting the family roots and heritage.

Champagnes of emotions, Maison De Lozey charms epicureans who, like these winemakers, appreciate the good things in life and, above all, love to share them.

Most of Maison De Lozey's cuvées are blended with wines aged 10 to 15 years, following the "perpetual reserve" or "Solera" system. This is a rather unique winemaking method that creates mature wines. Characterized by their purity and great finesse, often with a low dosage, De Lozey champagnes will accompany you for all occasions: as an aperitif or throughout a meal.

Brut Tradition, the essential

The signature vintage of Maison De Lozey. Deliciously fruity, energetic, refreshing and easy to drink, it will give you everything you want from a champagne and more. A sure value!

Who said you can't please everyone?

champagne de lozey dégustation
champagne brut tradition de lozey

Deliberately Extra Brut

With its very low dosage, Extra Brut contains little sugar, but that is not its only originality: designed for gastronomy, this champagne combining power and delicacy is incredibly refreshing. Its generous flavors will tickle your palate.

champagne extra brut dégustation
champagne extra brut de lozey

100% elegant Blanc de Blancs

For lovers of finesse and delicate subtlety. This champagne is a 100% Chardonnay with impeccable softness and a beautiful length on the palate.

champagne blanc de blancs dégustation
champagne blanc de blancs de lozey

An authentically generous champagne

"Two words come to me spontaneously to define De Lozey champagnes: delicacy and elegance. Airy, feminine, with a certain character: our champagnes assert a beautiful complexity with always a lot of elegance. We are very proud to be able to produce a wide range of champagnes which all have their own distinct personality."

Philippe Cheurlin, Champagne de Lozey.

philippe cheurlin champagne de lozey