A high quality champagne. That's all.

Independent winegrowers and producers since 1881. For 4 generations, our champagnes have been produced with passion and are the result of diligent work in the vineyard and in the cellars.

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Narcisse and Edmond, the founders

The wine estate was founded in the 19th century with Narcisse and Edmond, who planted their first vines.


Raymond, the visionary

Raymond launches into winemaking and produces his first vintages of Champagne. He encourages his sons to develop their own brand.


Daniel, the builder

Daniel created his Champagne house and built the current winegrowing holding. A fine winemaker, he built up the first wine reserves.


Philippe, today...

Philippe took over the succession very early on and worked to promote the house in France and internationally.

Our Brut Tradition champagne

70% Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay (15 year reserve wines, vintages 2000 to 2014) our Brut Tradition champagne is the signature vintage of Maison De Lozey.

Appreciated by all, it releases fruity notes and is energetic and refreshing. It releases notes of fresh almonds, bergamot and minty licorice.

Our Brut Tradition is made with passion and delicacy. It results from a delicate and finely balanced blend between our 15-year-old reserve wines and more recent Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines. This gives it this complexity and eloquence. Our Brut tradition champagne is the champagne for celebrations or successful marriages.

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Our Blanc de Blancs 100% Chardonnay

100% Chardonnay, our Blanc de Blancs is a blend of finesse and a nice length in the mouth.

Delicate aromas of flowers and white fruits emerge. On the palate, a balanced, fine and elegant wine emerges with a well-chosen dosage. This wine is made using traditional methods. However, its aging for 6 years on the lees gives it its generous style.

It is a champagne that goes perfectly with fish or seafood. In fact, these go perfectly with the notes of candied oranges and lemon of the Chardonnay.

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Discover our Extra Brut champagne

100% Pinot Noir, our Extra Brut champagne has a low sugar content, to let the wine fully express itself.

It is a powerful champagne, but nevertheless delicate. Its flavor is very generous and incredibly refreshing. On the palate, the attack is frank with the roundness and structure of Pinot Noir.

It is the champagne of gourmet dishes such as seafood or foie gras. We perceive slight notes of red fruits. It’s a champagne that we like to serve for reception aperitifs.

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Travel to our champagne domain

Set off to discover our domain and our cellars before a friendly tasting. Discover the Cuvée des Gentlemen.

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More than 10 000 satisfied customers

"Products with exceptional value for money throughout the range (from Brut Tradition worked with 15-year-old reserve wines to vintage or the sublime Cuvée des Gentlemen, which outshines many cuvées from the great houses. And to top it all off, Philippe and the whole team are very friendly!”


We ordered a case of Cuvée des Gentlemen to thank our team, today it is us who thank you for this good time shared. My friendships. J.C.

Jean-Baptiste Leroy

I ordered a bottle of Blanc de Blancs from the online store, I had it delivered quickly but it took me less time to taste it! I highly recommend this champagne.

Daniel Faly

The best ally for aperitifs, parties, family reunions! It goes well with seafood, fish, cheese, etc.! For me, the slightly fruity flavor appeals to me!

Christine Paolini

Whatever champagnes you choose, they are delicious, refined, sparkling with life and sweetness! Thank you for the warm welcome! Do not hesitate, if you pass near Celles-sur Ource, to make an appointment to taste the champagnes on site.

Yann Costes

We ordered 2 boxes of Extra Brut and we shared a pleasant moment together around the table.

Alex Cambronne

After more than five years working in the wine trade, De Lozey remains my favorite winemaker's Champagne!

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Since 1881, with passion…

At Maison De Lozey, we do not sell champagne. We raise him, we treat him with kindness every day. At Maison De Lozey, we pass on the gestures from generation to generation, to work the vines and produce our champagne with passion. Each champagne has its history, involves a meticulous assembly which sometimes takes several weeks. 

We are proud of each of our vintages, like our Cuvée du Dimanche, a true Proust madeleine for family meals. Since 1881, we have been passionately producing champagnes which are almost all prestige champagnes. Those who talk about it best are still the restaurateurs, who have been loyal for decades.

Our history

Find the champagne that suits you

Made using the pure Champagne method, our champagnes are a safe and reassuring value. To celebrate an event, accompany a meal or just for the pleasure of treating yourself, find the champagne that suits you. Choose from our extra brut, brut champagnes, rosé champagnes or special vintages.

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Our commitment to sustainable, healthy and quality viticulture

Like many winegrowers, we are committed to fighting against the collapse of biodiversity. Thus, we act on a daily basis to protect the environment. The actions we are carrying out in this direction have been rewarded by obtaining two new environmental certifications: Sustainable Viticulture in Champagne and High Environmental Value (HVE)

High Environmental Value Certification

High Environmental Value certification directly concerns agricultural operations. It is the guarantee of an operation which preserves biodiversity: hedges, trees, flowers, insects. For De Lozey champagnes, it rewards all the work done to limit our environmental impact during the production of our exceptional champagnes.

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Sustainable Viticulture Certification in Champagne

Sustainable Viticulture certification in Champagne rewards the commitment of Champagne winegrowers. Thus, it promotes efforts to reduce the carbon footprint, the impact on biodiversity and on water. It is equivalent in terms of requirements to a High Environmental Value level 2. In addition, it involves obligations of means to be implemented and criteria to be respected.

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Our tasting tips

We have made our champagnes with passion, delicacy and patience. We have done this in order to offer the best for your festive moments, your aperitifs or your meals. Thus, we also guide you for successful tasting moments.

We also provide you with practical advice so that each experience with our De Lozey champagne is a success. In which glass to serve champagne? What is the best temperature? What is the best year? What are the different kinds of champagne?

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Who are our champagnes for ?

We produce our champagnes with passion. In this sense, we like contacts that make sense. Our De Lozey champagnes are aimed at epicureans, at all those who love flavors and not at mass consumers.

The uninitiated will appreciate all the finesse of our De Lozey champagnes. The delicate and persistent aromas, the light accords will be perfect for discovering champagne. They will find light champagnes as well as more powerful ones in our range.

Lovers of good champagnes love De Lozey champagnes for their festive moments. For them, it’s about serving good champagne to their friends or guests. It is often our brut champagnes that are preferred. Our Blancs de Blancs, Blanc de Noirs champagnes or Brut Tradition champagne can be found on tables, because they can pair with all the dishes of a meal.

Insiders, for their part, seek excellence, champagnes that stand out, which offer real emotion. They appreciate our vintage champagnes that we have been able to cultivate in exceptional years. They also like champagnes that arouse emotion like our Cuvée du Dimanche and Cuvée des Gentlemen.

Wine merchants, restaurateurs, De Lozey champagnes are aimed at all professionals. Indeed, they are aimed at those who want to share the richness of flavors. Restaurateurs who have been loyal to us for years love the consistency of our champagnes. Wherever they are, they love our Brut Tradition champagne, our Blanc de Blancs and our Rosé de Saignée champagne. Champagnes appreciated for their fresh and fruity notes. 

Whatever their consumer profile, our champagnes are aimed at hedonists, all those who appreciate the quality, aromas and power of a good champagne.