Discover De Lozey champagnes

Do you like champagne in all its forms? You know how to appreciate the powerful notes of a zero dosage champagne, a brut, without denying the sweetness of sweeter champagnes. The range of our champagnes will bring you complete satisfaction. Maison De Lozey creates champagnes to delight all taste buds.

Champagnes for Every Occasion

When you love champagne, there's no specific occasion needed to enjoy it. Every champagne, every cuvée has its precise moment when it will be appreciated. So, create your own tasting moment.

But when it comes to buying champagne, it can sometimes be challenging to navigate. Exploring a new range of champagne can leave you puzzled at times. And while it's all a matter of taste, sometimes simple guidelines are enough.

For festive moments

Invite loved ones, celebrate a birthday, celebrate a promotion, celebrate your wedding. Open a good bottle of champagne to please yourself and to please yourself.

champagne brut tradition
For festive moments

Champagnes for gastronomy

Open a parenthesis. Enjoy each aroma that is released. Find the right pairing to enhance a dish. Create a real emotion in the mouth.

Champagnes for gastronomy
Champagnes for gastronomy

For exceptional moments

Engrave the present moment - Make this moment exceptional - Arouse emotions - Delight with particular aromas - Appreciate prestigious champagnes.

champagne cuvée des gentlemen de lozey
For exceptional moments

How to choose between an extra brut champagne or a brut champagne?

In the Champagne region, winegrowers produce several types of champagne. If the grape varieties remain the same, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, the dosages vary. It is the latter which will determine the nature of the champagne.

Between zero dosage, extra-brut or brut champagne, the heart is torn. It's all about sugar content.

For a 100% natural champagne with just the residual sugar from the grapes: zero dosage is required. It's our Sunday vintage. Light and fruity.

For very slightly sweet notes with less than 6 grams of sugar per liter : extra brut champagne is king. It's our Cuvée des Gentlemen between refined maturity and dynamic youth. It’s also our champagne White and black, a 100% Pinot Noir champagne

For a precisely balanced champagne between 6 and 12 grams of sugar per liter: raw champagne, the one that goes everywhere. These are our champagnes Brut Tradition, White of Whites, Blanc de Blancs vinified in wood and champagne Saignée Rosé.

What is the difference between 100% varietal or blend champagne?

In addition to the sugar content, for connoisseurs the grape variety is also important. Thus, we offer champagnes made from a single or several grape varieties. Maison De Lozey is committed to offering champagnes that will satisfy all tastes.

Our 100% varietal champagnes are our Blanc de Blancs 100% Chardonnay, delicate with citrus notes or our Blanc de Noirs 100% Pinot Noir. The latter is powerful with notes of red fruits. These champagnes will appeal to enthusiasts who have well-defined tastes in terms of grape varieties.

Our champagnes made from blends between grape varieties are generous, delicate, fragrant. They take advantage of the major characteristics of the grape varieties that compose them.

What is the best occasion to taste champagne?

In the past, champagne was reserved for very special occasions. It was reserved for the elites, for all those who sought to assert themselves. Drinking champagne was a mark of prestige. From now on, thanks to wine growers who speak passion above all else, champagne is for everyone. It is no longer a showcase product, it is a drink that we appreciate for its flavor.

In fact, champagne is consumed throughout the year without any special occasion, just for pleasure. The best occasion to drink champagne is:

In summer, to prepare a cocktail,

During a festive event to please your guests,

On Valentine's Day, to say how sparkling life is when you love,

During a good gourmet meal, to make the plates sing,

For the end of year celebrations, to make this day something magical,

For an aperitif

And if the best opportunity to taste a De Lozey champagne is quite simply... yours!