Maison De Lozey: fine tables and gastronomy...

Do you love indulging yourself and trying out new dining experiences? With the Chefs, we share a passion: cooking. When cuisine meets champagne, it's an explosion of flavors.

So, we went to meet restaurateurs who have chosen De Lozey for their tables. We asked them to tell us their story, their passion for the profession, and why they have chosen De Lozey champagnes to elevate their cuisine...

Chef Christophe Javoy, a restaurateur who loves champagne...

Discover the restaurant “ A Gouyette ” presented by its Chef, Christophe Javoy, and his love for his profession. Between Meaux and Disney, in St-Germain sur Morin, the chef and manager of the restaurant answers our questions. Gouyette is the nickname of his granddaughter to whom he dedicated his restaurant.

chritophe javoy champagne de lozey

When did you contract this cooking bug?

Christophe Javoy: Although I took charge of this establishment in 2010, I have been in the kitchen for 25 years. I love cooking, because I like to give pleasure to others. In the kitchen, I try every day to give everything I can.

What are your preferences ? How to define your style?

C.J.: My style is the alliance of tradition and gastronomy. I'm not much of a "modern cuisine" person, often served sparingly. I like more the generosity of the cuisine of yesteryear. So here, I defend safe values revisited with rigor and elegance.

Your specialties?

C. J.: It depends, of course, on the season and the market. Everything here is “homemade”, made and composed on site. To answer your question, I am very fond of offal, livers in all forms. I also love working with fish. Veal head, duck confit, oxtail in salad… I always try to highlight the product, looking for what will exude its flavors, its aromas. For example, my land/sea plate which combines beetroot and salmon. An aromatic symphony!

Speaking of flavors and aromas, what do you think of Champagnes De Lozey?

C. J.: I love the champagnes from this traditional House. I have worked with De Lozey for years. Besides the excellent quality of the wines, what strikes me is the consistency of this quality. From one bottle to another, from one year to the next. The fact that De Lozey owns and farms its own vines perhaps explains this consistency of personality and quality...

In this House, I selected the Brut Tradition and the Rosé.

I like the tradition a lot. To my customers too! It is a lively, elegant champagne, with particularly delicate and persistent aromas. No aggression. No bitterness. For me, the Tradition De Lozey holds its own against the Bruts of the very large Houses which are on my menu!

And the Rosé?

C. J.: I love its perfect color. Not too clear. Not too dark. This Rosé de Saignée really pleases my customers with its aromatic structure and richness. It’s undeniably a great Rosé! For me, Rosé is an even more joyful, even more festive champagne. It lights up the eyes. As my customers love these champagnes as much as I do, I remain loyal to De Lozey. In addition, with Philippe Cheurlin, the boss, I have simple, frank, clear relationships. I can count on him.

Champagne as an aperitif, with dessert, throughout the meal?

C. J.: For me, and unlike wines where each of these moments calls for a specific wine, champagne can do “before, during, after”. It’s true that today, the flute is more of an aperitif, but I have clients who don’t hesitate to continue the entire meal with champagne. Meals where they celebrate something. Moreover, De Lozey’s price positioning makes the opportunity easier! While some will tell you that champagne at the table is only suitable for certain dishes such as shellfish, crustaceans, fish and white meats… for me, champagne goes over everything. Without exception.

Comments collected by Régis Hardy.