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Top 10 best affordable (cheap) champagnes

There are many occasions to drink champagne: end-of-year celebrations, birthdays, weddings, victories, highlights of life... Champagne is par excellence the drink for sharing, for the emotion of a unique moment. But if the latter is associated with luxury, it is also because it is expensive, sometimes even very expensive.

The question then arises: can we find champagne at an affordable price? And in this case, is the quality still there? Follow our guide to choose with complete peace of mind an inexpensive champagne that will satisfy your tastes.

  1. What is the average price of a good champagne?
  2. Where to buy a good champagne without breaking the bank?
  3. A tasty champagne for little money?

What is the average price of a good champagne?

Champagne has a particularly wide range of prices. Variations between two bottles can be considerable. Several elements come into play: reputation, vintage, grape variety…

It turns out to be extremely difficult in these conditions to estimate whether the champagne offered is at an affordable price or not.

What is an affordable champagne? At what price is a champagne considered inexpensive?

To be able to estimate whether the price of your bottle of champagne is high or reasonable, you need to know the average price of a good champagne. In general, the average price of a bottle of brut champagne ranges between €25 and €35.

Below this range, we can consider that the quality risks disappointing. Beyond that, the limits can be pushed very far, but newbies will have difficulty determining whether they are only paying for the label or for real quality.

Now that you have an idea of the price range, are you wondering if it is possible to buy a good champagne without breaking the bank?

The various champagne resellers strive to offer bottles at a very attractive price, but how do you choose from all the available offerings?

Where to buy a good, inexpensive champagne?

It is difficult to choose an affordable champagne that suits you from all the available offerings. The different sellers go out of their way to offer cheap champagne, but how do you choose the right champagne? The one that suits you in terms of price, of course, but especially in terms of taste?


Supermarkets have long focused on providing a low-cost offering of champagne. U, Lidl, Intermarché, Leclerc, Carrefour, Heidsieck, Vranken…. Are the champagnes offered good value for money?

This is what the famous magazine “60 million consumers” wanted to test as the end-of-year holidays approach, in December 2022. The editorial team brought together a jury made up of oenologists, sommeliers and wine merchants.

They blind tested around twenty Brut champagnes offered by supermarkets. These could be both well-known brand bottles and less famous brands. The magazine's experts only tested bottles of champagne priced between €12.99 and €26.65 and proposed a ranking by rating them out of 20.

Of all the references tested, 55% obtained a score higher than 13/20, which corresponds to the minimum threshold for the champagne to be declared “good”.

One bottle in particular offers excellent value for money: the Grande Réserve vintage Veuve Emille d’Auchan. This is the magazine's first selection: for only €17.99, it obtains a very satisfactory score of 14/20.

The second reference highlighted by the editorial staff is the Heidsieck Monopole Réserve vintage. This reference is found in supermarkets as well as in wine merchants or liquor stores. For a slightly higher price, but which remains very attractive – €23.90 – This champagne manages to rise to the very good score of 16/20.

Supermarkets make interesting offers of inexpensive, quality champagnes, which will satisfy non-specialist fans of this sparkling drink.

On line

Like everything these days, you can obviously buy your champagne online. You will find many sites that offer inexpensive champagnes.

These sites, such as “Vinatis”, “Plus debulles”, “Pépites en champagne” or “La champagnerie”... are essentially wine merchant sites or specialized sites.

Buying online allows you to get your hands on great opportunities to find normally expensive champagnes at reduced prices.

The range of brands offered is very vast, and it is you who set the filters for your search: by taste, by price, by brand, by year….

On the other hand, you will miss the advice of a specialist, which is a valuable help for amateurs. The purchase will be made more on the name, the reputation or on your own knowledge to determine if the champagne offered suits you. If you already know what champagne you want, this is a great way to get it for cheap!

At a wholesaler

To buy champagne at an affordable price, why not go directly to the wholesaler? Particularly aimed at businesses or professionals, the wholesaler also allows you to obtain branded champagne at an affordable price. You will nevertheless need to buy in quantity because wholesalers, with some exceptions, only sell to professionals and sometimes require a minimum purchase quantity.

Directly from the producer

What better place to buy cheap champagne only from the producer ? By going directly to the source, you save on many intermediaries and thus save even more! The producer is the one who knows the wines he offers best, and he will be able to advise you excellently because no one knows his champagne better than him!

It allows access to champagnes which are not expensive because they are more confidential without losing quality compared to the big houses. This is the golden opportunity to discover the gem that will allow you to find THE champagne that suits you, at an affordable price.

Which champagne will be both good and affordable?

The price of champagne can vary significantly depending on various factors such as brand, quality, vintage and region of production. However, it is important to note that even the cheapest champagne is generally still more expensive than other types of sparkling wine due to the specific production costs and high quality standards associated with champagne.

In general, entry-level or non-vintage champagnes (without a specific year) are often among the cheapest on the market. These champagnes are designed to be consistent from year to year, blending wines from different vintages.

How to find good value for money

To find the right quality-price ratio, here are some indications to help you in your choice:

  • the origin: remember that “Champagne” is a controlled designation. It must therefore appear on the label.
  • the source : on the label you will see letters which indicate the origin of your champagne. Récoltant Manipulatant (RM): the winemaker sells his champagne himself. Buyer’s Brand (MA): it is a large distribution brand that sells wine. Handling Cooperative (CM).
  • bubbles : they must be fine and light, to deliver all the flavors of your champagne. They awaken the taste sensors to add pleasure to tasting.
  • the grape variety: Three major groups of grape varieties are used in the making of champagne. Pinot Meunier (round and sweet grape variety), Pinot Noir (more powerful grape variety) and Chardonnay (grape variety with floral and tasty notes).

Champagnes from Maison De Lozey

Among the different ranges of champagne, some will be preferred if you want to find a champagne at a reasonable price. Thus, bottles of Brut champagne are particularly well suited to providing balance to enjoy a champagne full of flavor without breaking the bank. It’s a champagne classic that’s suitable for most occasions. It can be enjoyed as an aperitif or dessert, with family or friends. It is a balanced, mineral and slightly sweet champagne.

The champagnes offered by Maison De Lozey will allow you to undoubtedly find the best champagne at an affordable price!

Both producer and harvester, Maison De Lozey is a family business which guarantees precious artisanal know-how, entirely dedicated to the search for the emotion provided by champagne.

The De Lozey house has existed since 1881, so four generations of know-how are at the service of your taste buds! So of course, excellence has a price, but the De Lozey house has a range of champagnes wide enough to offer very beautiful champagnes for less than €30!

The Brut tradition from the house of De Lozey is the classic champagne, a sure value of the house. Gold medalist at the France Vinalies 2022 oenologists competition, this champagne will charm your taste buds. Fruity and refreshing, Brut De Lozey champagne enhances the classic tradition thanks to its fine bubbles, making it an easy champagne to enjoy for any occasion. A precious champagne for only €27.20!

brut champagne

Discover our Brut Tradition

Deliciously fruity, energetic, refreshing and easy to drink, it is the essential champagne, the safe bet. Never will a classic champagne tickle your taste buds so much.

Discover our Brut Tradition champagne

If you want a slightly more unusual champagne, try the De Lozey Sunday vintage. This champagne is particularly original because it is designed as a personal vintage, derived from family memories. A blend of different plots, the “Cuvée du Dimanche” champagne charms with its fruity taste and its beautiful length in the mouth. The fine bubbles, a trademark of the house of De Lozey, are found in this Sunday cuvée which can be enjoyed as an aperitif or at lunch. She will invite you to unforgettable moments of sharing. The bottle itself is worth the detour and immerses us in this family tradition since it presents a photograph as a label. A unique and precious champagne for only €28.10.

There you go, you know everything! Do not hesitate to order directly on the site The Lozey to taste the unique champagne that suits you at the best value for money.

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