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Visiting Champagne Cellars and Souvenirs (Reims, Epernay...)

Located in the beautiful Champagne region in Celle-Sur-Ource, the De Lozey house is approximately 160 km from Reims. It's a great opportunity to visit Reims, Epernay, and the Champagne region.

Of course, we will also be delighted to take you on a tour of our cellars. It will be the perfect moment to discover our De Lozey champagnes and explore our range of champagnes.

  • What to visit in Reims?
  • What to visit in Epernay?
  • What to do in Champagne?
  • Visiting small producer champagne cellars
  • What souvenirs to bring back from champagne cellar visits?

What to visit in Reims?

visiting Reims champagne

Aside from visiting champagne cellars in Reims, there's plenty to do in this UNESCO World Heritage city. The cathedral is a must-see, even larger than Notre-Dame in Paris, with 2,303 statues on its façade. Before going on a cellar visit in Reims, it's essential to visit the Palace of Tau or the old Saint Rémi Abbey.

The Champagne region and its cellars are also UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Three sites are included in this designation, including the Avenue de Champagne in Epernay, the historic hillsides of Hautvillers, and the Butte Saint Nicaise in Reims.

The champagne cellars located within this area are unique. They owe their remarkable character to being located in old chalk quarries. The galleries, called crayères, have impressive heights. The urban planning related to champagne is also part of the UNESCO designation. The Champagne Park and the Chemin Vert garden city are two examples worth visiting.

When you wonder what to visit in Reims, wine tourism also has its place. Champagne cellar tours, champagne discovery activities, vineyard excursions – there's a lot to do. You can visit the major houses like our De Lozey house, which has been developing its champagne cellars near Reims for centuries, across generations. They represent a testament to enduring expertise and true passion.

For nature lovers and those seeking peaceful activities, a visit through the Champagne vineyards is recommended. You can enjoy a 2- to 3-hour bike ride during which your guides will tell you about champagne. As you pedal along, it's a fun way to explore Champagne around Reims.

What to visit in Epernay?

visiting Epernay champagne

Epernay is considered the capital of champagne. There are about 110 km of galleries carved into the chalk, housing millions of champagne bottles.

So, visiting a champagne cellar in Epernay comes naturally. You'll find it hard to avoid its prestigious Avenue de Champagne, home to most major champagne houses. It's also a place to admire the beauty of buildings, adorned with Renaissance or classical-style architecture. It has become a pleasant place for a stroll.

From there, you can also explore the city center of Epernay. You'll find numerous shops and historical and cultural buildings, including a former private mansion transformed into the town hall in 1858. You can discover a lovely English-style garden there. The wedding hall and council chamber are spacious and luxurious salons.

Furthermore, if you visit champagne cellars in Epernay in mid-December, you'll have the chance to witness the "Habits de Lumière" event. This 3-day event features various musical performances, sound and light shows, and the opportunity to taste different champagnes at champagne bars.

Instead of a traditional champagne cellar visit in Epernay, how about an original vineyard tour? What if you could fly over the vineyards in an aircraft? At 150 meters altitude, you'll have a 360° view of the Champagne vineyards and Epernay.

What to Visit in Champagne and What to Do?

what to visit in Champagne

Champagne is a vast region with many treasures. Of course, there are many cellars to visit in Reims or Epernay, but there's more to explore.

Indeed, in Celles-sur-Ources, where our De Lozey estate is located, there are many points of interest, including:

  • The Bottle Museum: This museum showcases locally collected bottles, allowing you to trace the evolution of the bottle over the centuries.
  • The Winemaker's Path: This 3.5-hour walking trail offers a wonderful journey through the Champagne vineyards of the Côte des Bars. You'll discover paths between forests and vineyards and explore the three rivers: the Arce, the Ource, and the Laignes.
  • Sainte-Marie-Madeleine Church: This cruciform church from the 16th century is an important building in the village.

Furthermore, in the Champagne region as a whole, besides the many champagne cellars to visit, you can:

Follow in the Footsteps of French Kings

Let's not forget that the first King of France, Clovis, was crowned in Reims. This was also one of the occasions where champagne was prominently served. Check out our article on important dates in the history of champagne and the origins of champagne. Reims and its cathedral are must-see landmarks.

Experience a Castle Life

You can book accommodation in one of the most beautiful castles in the region. The De Lozey estate may pale in comparison, but after leaving us, you can stay at Château d'Etoges, one of the most beautiful castle hotels in the region.

Visit the Village of Dom Pérignon

This seems to be a must. Let's not forget that this monk was the first to develop blending techniques to improve the quality of still wines and transform them into champagnes. So, the town of Hautvillers should be on your Champagne itinerary.

Explore the Routes of Montagne de Reims

The Montagne de Reims rises to only 300 meters in height. However, it is a vast plateau covering 50,000 hectares, a natural park. On this enchanting road trip, you'll discover picturesque villages, preserved fauna, and enchanted forests. In any case, you'll be able to admire the most beautiful landscapes in the region.

See the Common Cranes at Lac du Der

It's an institution; every year, many tourists head to the shores of Lac du Der to witness the migration of common cranes. Outside of this migratory season, Lac du Der offers numerous hiking trails, each more beautiful than the last. You can explore them on foot or even by bike.

Taste the Region's Fine Dining

If you love good champagne in Champagne, you shouldn't forget about the fine cuisine. The Champagne region boasts Michelin-starred establishments that are definitely worth a visit. If you need inspiration, you can find it in our article on the gourmet route for a weekend in Champagne.

Visiting Small Producer Champagne Cellars

visiting champagne cellars

When it comes to visiting a champagne cellar in Reims in Champagne, it's better to talk about visiting small producer cellars. Indeed, visits to small producer estates can often be very interesting. It's an opportunity for a very convivial experience and a chance to meet the winemaker in person.

At De Lozey, a champagne cellar visit in Champagne will be an opportunity to meet Philippe Cheurlin in person. Who better than him, the son and grandson of winemakers, can tell you more about the making of champagne?

The vineyards of De Lozey Champagne are located on the Côte des Bars in the Aube, south of Champagne. De Lozey Champagnes have been in existence since 1881, spanning four generations. Our wines possess a rare blend of authenticity, generosity, and soul.

During this cellar visit near Reims in Champagne at De Lozey, you'll uncover the secrets of blending. You'll learn how to marry grape varieties and vintages to create a unique champagne. You can prepare for the visit by reading our article on champagne: the secrets of blending explained in 3 minutes.

This visit can continue in our cellars. You'll discover all our stainless steel tanks, where our still wines go through the fermentation stages. But you'll also see wooden barrels that allow us to produce our Blanc de Blancs aged in wood.

De Lozey Brut Champagne

Discover Our Brut Tradition

Delightfully fruity, energetic, refreshing, and easy to enjoy, it's the essential champagne, the safe choice. A classic champagne that will truly tantalize your taste buds.

Discover our Brut Tradition Champagne

If you're wondering what souvenir to bring back from your cellar visit near Reims, we can only recommend a half-bottle of De Lozey Brut Tradition champagne. This way, you can treat yourself or delight your loved ones.

What Souvenirs to Bring Back from Cellar Visits?

champagne cellar souvenir

When visiting cellars in Champagne, you'll inevitably want to make someone happy or indulge yourself. So, what are the souvenirs you can bring back?

At our place, De Lozey House, you can, of course, buy champagne. We offer champagne bottles in different sizes, from half-bottles (37 cl) to Jeroboams representing 3 liters.

Among the enjoyable souvenirs of cellar visits, champagne flutes are a popular choice. It's an elegant gift you can give to loved ones, for example. To continue with gifts related to champagne tasting, you might consider champagne buckets.

It's one of the best ways to serve champagne cold or to chill it and reach the ideal temperature for serving champagne, as we mentioned in our article. As for preserving open champagne, as we also mentioned, nothing beats buying a good airtight stopper.

Of course, in Reims or Epernay, you'll find some shops where you can buy souvenirs from cellar visits in Reims or Epernay. You'll likely find a useful gift to bring back, rather than the traditional magnet. Unless you want to start a collection of magnets from the major champagne houses.

There you have it, everything you need to know about what to visit in Reims or cellar visits in Epernay. Champagne is a magnificent region where it's good to learn to savor the present moment. That's why, to further enhance your discovery, we guide you on the gourmet route for a weekend in Champagne. You can explore Champagne's gastronomy and accompany it with a fine glass of De Lozey champagne.

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